Optic Texas and the Florida Mutineers stay strong within the 2022 CDL Major 3 Qualifiers

The usual suspects from the CDL Major 3 are back with convincing wins, solidifying their juggernaut status. As Optic Texas has now secured a four to one scoreline, while the Florida Mutineers are currently three wins and two losses.

Let’s start with the latest series from the Florida Mutineers. “Gavautu” Hardpoint was the opening match for the best-of-five series and was a total kill massacre between the two teams for the majority of the map. However after taking a 244-200 lead during the end stages of the game, Boston Breach threw their advantage away allowing the Mutineers to barely finish the map 250-248 in their favor. Despite the upsetting Hardpoint mode loss, Breach’s player Nero had the highest kill to death ratio on the map with a 1.38 after dropping a whooping 30 total kills, a fantastic TK for a CDL Major.

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Boston Breach bounced straight back during Bocage Search and Destroy. The two teams kept things quite close during the early rounds of the game, however, Boston won consequent rounds with the map ending with a victorious 6-3 scoreline, giving Florida few opportunities to come back. Nero once again came out swinging after gathering 14 kills and a small five deaths across the nine rounds of Search and Destroy. 

The series ended on Berlin Search and Destroy. After a brutal start of the game, the teams reached round 11 just as both TJHaLy and Capsidal’s games crashed (something unusual within the scene). Resuming after the crashes, Florida clutched out round 11 to take the series three to two. This loss ultimately means that Boston will start the CDL Major Three in the losers bracket.

Then we have the “Green Wall”, Optic Texas. They were able to  bounce back after a loss to the New York Subliners by stomping the Los Angeles Thieves yesterday. Optic definitely came out with a vengeance at CDL Major 3.

The first game had a near flawless opening in Hardpoint Berlin thanks to Shotzzy, who went on a monstrous 13 kill streak and finished the map 42/17 with a 2.47 kill to death ratio. With Shotzzy almost smurfing on a submachine gun, the Los Angeles Thieves finished with just 135 points against OpTic Texas’ 250. LA Thieves’ Octane was the only one that went positive with a 1.08 kill to death ratio.

Continuing with dominance in mind, Optic Texas looked to push it to the limit in the match point on Berlin Search and Destroy. While the LA Thieves were able to take four rounds in the Search and Destroy map, it was Optic Texas that showed up for the remainder of the map, with each individual player constantly winning their gunfights. As seen before, Shotzzy was the one to cause problems for the LA Thieves, as he walked away from map two with a 2.0 kill to death ratio while ultimately taking a 2-0 lead.

Unlike Boston Breach, LA Thieves were not able to stop the massacre as in Berlin Control they quickly lost the first rounds of the map. Now on the verge of getting humiliated , the LA Thieves had to start getting some round wins. But there was nothing they could do against Shotzzy, as he continuously caused issues around the map. A 3-0 loss in Control meant a sweep in the series.

OpTic now finished the CDL Major Three qualifiers with an impressive 4 to 1 record, giving them the second seed for the tournament. Major Three is scheduled to resume next week from June 2nd to June 5th.