FaZe Clan claims their first win at the Valorant Champions Tour Challengers Stage 2 by sweeping Cloud9

Earlier yesterday FaZe Clan claimed their first victory of the Valorant Champions Tour Challengers 2 group stage with a 2-0 convincing win against Cloud9. The tour is already looking like it will be one of the best of the year, with many of the of the main teams heading back into the tournament season with strong rosters, make sure you check out the Best Valorant Betting Sites to keep up with all the offers that you could be claiming.

FaZe managed to start out strong with an unexpected win on Cloud9’s map pick (Fracture). After taking an eight to four lead at half time, FaZe only allowed Cloud9 to pick one more round in the second half before closing out the map thirteen to five. The dynamic duo of Dicey and babybay showed up for the team on Fracture by dropping an efficient kill to death ratio of 1.88 on Chamber and 1.9 on Neon, respectively. After losing their map pick, Cloud9 needed to adapt and would have to take down FaZe Clan on Haven to keep them from sweeping the series.

Different from Fracture, Cloud9 tied early on with FaZe six to six at the end of the first half but slowly began losing control once they were on the attack. In the meantime, FaZe seemed way more comfortable on defense with their composition having heavily reliance on smokes and hard crowd control, thanks to that they easily took over the opening rounds. Cloud9 almost fought their way back against FaZe after losing five unfortunate rounds in a row, but the map still weighed heavily towards FaZe’s favor. Even after taking two rounds in the second half, Cloud9 ultimately failed to throw FaZe off their game and lost the second map thirteen to eight, wrapping up the series at the Valorant Champions Tour.

A lot of staff and analysts keep mentioning how Dicey and Babybay continue to improve together in such a small amount of time. The thundering duo seem to have a lot of synergy on both sides, attack and defense. However, the most intriguing part of all this is how they are able to switch rotations, positions, and objectives without much effort. Mainly utilizing Chamber and Neon to their fullest ability, as this champion duo is able to control the battlefield in an independent manner. Traps and teleports placed by Chamber create diversions and space for Neon to go in with her ultimate ability, this was perfectly showcased by Dicey and Babybay.

Cloud9 definitely tried to put an end to this duo directly, especially on attack, as most of the time they would either stack where they knew Dicey and Babybay where in order to win by numbers or straight up avoided them in favor of the other sites. However in defense they are not able to scout enough information before the duo just simply got in site and started their massacre. Cloud9 will have much to learn after this series.

Valorant Champions Tour – the big hitters return!

Lastly, it seems the current NA Valorant Champions Tour 2 is unique to other tournaments, as old school well versed organizations are bringing back some heat they previously lost. With 100 Thieves and FaZe Clan showing improvement since the last couple of months rebuilding their respective rosters. We shall see in the future if this is the start of something special, or just a brief moment of brilliance.

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