PMPL Americas Championship 2022: Participating teams, format, and more

The 2022 PMPL Americas Championship started on May 26th, with the top teams from several regions including North America, Brazil, and Latin America which will fight it out over 24 matches to determine the ultimate tournament champion. The four day tournament will finish on May 29th. The event features a total of sixteen teams, with five representing each region (who qualified through their respective Pro Regional Leagues) and defending champions Alpha 7 Esports which were invited by the tournament organizers.

This are the qualified teams for the PMPL Americas Championship:

-Alpha7 Esports (Invited)

-Xset (North America)

-Boring Protocol (North America)

-The Chosen NA (North America)

-Knights (North America)

-Nova Esports NA (North America)

-Buluc Chabtan (LATAM)

-Mezexis Dreams (LATAM)

-All Glory Gaming (LATAM)

-Golden Eagle Esports (LATAM)

-Vivo Kayd (Brazil)

-Influence Rage (Brazil)

-Rage Esports (Brazil)

-INTZ (Brazil)

Honoured Souls (Brazil)

Aton Esports(LATAM)

Each tournament has a different ruleset in regards to map rotation and points system, the following is the current map rotation in place for the PMPL Americas Championship:







Talking more about the teams, Vivo Keyd dominated both the league stages and finals securing a top position. They achieved this feat by implementing a balanced playstyle throughout the season with not much change. It’s no surprise that Influence Rage came in second place in PMPL Brazil. The team has been a huge part of the Brazilian scene for a while, and their experience was definitely evident in their gameplay.

Fan favorites and defending champions Alpha7 Esports sadly underperformed as they ended up fourth in the league stages and third in the finals. Loops Esports (returning after a one-year ban due to cheating allegations) claimed fourth place, and PMPL America’s second season runners up Rise Esports failed to qualify this time around.

Aton Esports is by far the best team in the LATAM region, and this was once more reflected by their performance. The defending PMPL champions again came out on top in the finals despite being average in the league stages compared to their previous performances.

Finally we have the North American representatives, despite an average performance during the league stage, XSET was able to defend their title after a grueling series of games. Nova Esports NA secured second place in both the league and the finals, while league stage runner ups Knights ended in fourth place. The Chosen NA, who joined through the qualifiers as an underdog team, surprised everyone by securing third place, thanks to an aggressive playstyle even some veteran teams were not able to put out.

A total of $150 thousand usd is up for grabs within this contest, while the winner will receive $40 thousand usd. PUBG Mobile Esports will livestream the action on its official channel starting at 3:00 pm PST. Thankfully they have upgraded their production setup while also providing fun activities between games. As the tournament goes further we will see the best teams fighting to grab the PMPL Americas Championship 2022 trophy.