Magic The Gathering Arena will receive an Alchemy expansion for Streets of New Capenna

Magic: The Gathering Arena definitely stands out from its physical counterpart as it has specific modes just for the digital version. Alchemy is a digital only rotational format for the game. The mode is getting ready to see a major update and overhaul, adding “Streets of New Capenna” cards to the mode around June 2022. A pair of limited events will also be added to the game for players to experiment on and ultimately enjoy.

As mentioned before, Alchemy is a unique twist of Standard gameplay for Magic The Gathering, changing how the overall meta is played. One of the downsides to MTG’s physical card game is that players don’t really receive balance updates. Instead, at best, cards get banned in certain formats or for a certain period of time. Nevertheless, Alchemy focuses on changing that.

This unique mode was built with digital players in mind , with that it keeps the game fresh and evolving. Magic The Gathering cards in Alchemy can be rebalanced by the development team, and there are also digital only mechanics for the sets implemented within the mode.

On June 2nd 2022, the Alchemy format will get an update, adding 30 new cards to the Alchemy set. The cards within the update have not been released yet, however we can expect to see a couple of hints soon.  As per information there will be a limited mode, Premier Draft for Alchemy New Capenna. This will be available from June 2nd to June 6th, with a cost of 1500 gems or 10000 gold. In addition to Alchemy New Capenna set packs, they will also draft three Streets of New Capenna booster packs. The pack’s function is to replace a regular common card with a card from Alchemy New Capenna.

This card is certainly special, as it can have any rarity, while rares will appear twice as usual as mythic rares. Players can expect something different, as Wizards of the Coast gave the regular odds of the common Streets of New Capenna being a different rarity.

58% for an Uncommon card

38.57% for a Rare card

6.43% for a Mythic Rare card

The rewards will be similar to the current Standard draft events, with the change being that the packs given out will be from the Alchemy New Capenna set.

Another smaller event will also be active, called Into the Future. From June 2nd until June 4th, it will implement preconstructed decks to show off new cards and interesting card combos. It’s a completely free event, and rewards 1000 gold, Mastery XP, and Alchemy New Capenna packs.

This is extremely exciting and a breath of fresh air within the game as there’s always a chance these Magic The Gathering Alchemy cards can be updated or changed as time goes on. One of the benefits of it being a digital only mode is that if something turns out to be too powerful or too weak, the developers can update it with the community’s feedback in mind.