Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Reloaded brings massive nerf to fan favorites

Warzone definitely has items that have been a source of controversy since its introduction. For example the Stim Shot,Heartbeat Sensor, Riot Shield, and more have been massively overpowered, but this patch is looking to nerf some of their power.

The Stim Shot within Call of Duty Warzone has unlimited uses, the player can use it either to get some health back on combat situations or use it for a quick speed boost to push or rotate towards the zone.

Warzone’s newer version “Pacific” introduced a stim slide feature that has since created chaos within the community. After months of players abusing this mechanic, the community believes this bug needs a nerf as soon as possible.

After weeks, the development team has finally decided to give the community what they were hoping for, a nerf to the Stim Shot and stim sliding. This nerf was introduced after the Season 3 Reloaded update on May 26th. The development team has mentioned how the Stim Shot was hugely unbalanced within the patch notes.

The burst of healing healing and enhanced sliding/movement made the item overpowered, finally it was time to balance it out. All of the reasons leading to its overuse are being adjusted.

These are the following changes towards the Stim Shot posted by the development team:

Stim Adjustments | All Maps & Modes In-Season

-Slide modifier has been reduced (the slide modifier was simply too extreme). While we believe that sliding movement should be buffed when a Player is using a Stim, it still needs to fit within limits.

-Added Weapon damage (received) interruption effect. If a Player receives Weapon damage, the healing effect will be interrupted. The previous mechanic allowed Players to repeatedly heal themselves while actively taking damage – which is not the intent of this tool.

“We have enjoyed watching the recent shift in the use of Tacticals where Stims have become more commonplace and offer new, high-skill plays. That said, the above are two areas where we have felt it necessary to finetune the balance.”

The changes were ultimately welcome by most players in the community. Nevertheless, those who have used the Stim Shot in a constant manner are understandably upset with the changes. Overall, the update brings the effectiveness of the Stim Shot down to balance the overall population of utility tools.

Next we have the famous AX-50, as some players considered these sniper rifle as a straight hitscan weapon. A lot of content creators discovered how good this sniper rifle really was, leading to the overuse of the weapon. This quickly caught the attention of the development team, who have now balanced the weapon to a more stable position.

Warzone’s Season 3 Reloaded update nerfed a few sniper rifles as well, but accidentally buffed the AX-50 sniper rifle, giving it basically no bullet drop, as the bullet seemed to land immediately on the target of choice.

Following most players using the weapon on all setups, the development team caught notice and patched the weapon. On May 26th, developers marked it as “investigating” on their Trello board. It has now been tagged under the “resolved” list. Raven Software has confirmed that the AX-50’s hitscan issue has been nerfed.

Further possible hotfixes might come in the near future as Snapshot Grenades and Riot Shields have been rampant the last couple of days. Keep an eye for future patches!