100 Thieves’ Valorant revival continues with Group A results at NA Valorant Champions Tour

100 Thieves’ VALORANT team has been incredible in the past however within the last couple of months/tournaments they have definitely disappointed with their gameplay. After a pretty big roster change they entered a resurgence era, which continued today with an incredible victory over XSET in the NA Valorant Champions Tour Stage Two main event group stage. Group A is now unpredictable as technically any of the six teams is able to make the playoff stage, or even claim the first seed.

100 Thieves came out swinging against XSET’s map pick (Breeze) and seemed calm under pressure especially on defense, taking away most map control from XSET’s attack side plays and winning scrappy fights on both sites. The Asuna and Will duo locked down in this map for 100 Thieves’ side, with a total 29 first half kills between the two for a nine to three lead at half time. 100 Thieves came up to a great start in the second half, with Stellar defending a 2 versus 4 post plant situation on the B site to secure the pistol round, thus creating a stable economy for the rest of the half. Will’s knives helped 100 Thieves get to the finish line on Breeze, finishing with a convincing thirteen to four scoreline.

Nevertheless XSET was able to answer back on Bind, especially by punishing the 100 Thieves attack propositions early on with well used utility, creative crossfire patterns, and several efficient kills coming from Cryo maneuvering Chamber. But 100 Thieves was able to answer back by switching to a more aggressive playstyle, successful executes came to turn what looked to be a powerful XSET half into just a five to seven deficit. 100 Thieves was able to barely win the pistol round, further winning most likely the biggest round of the series, their bonus round, to take an eight to seven lead and break the XSET economy. 100 Thieves was able to hold their lead despite trading rounds constantly against XSET, keeping the series victory with a thirteen to nine win on Bind.

With 100 Thieves’ victory on the table, they now technically have the first spot in Group A, since they secured the tiebreaker over the only other 2-1 team within the group, XSET. Following the results of NRG and Ghost’s series this Sunday May 29th, there will be exactly three 2-1 tied teams and three 1-2 tied teams at the conclusion of week number three.

Four teams from each group will advance towards the playoffs, but seeding is way more important this stage than the previous one, with the first seed starting directly in the upper second round bracket, and the fourth seed forced into the lower bracket.

Currently NA Valorant is quite close skill wise as multiple teams were able to show brilliance at certain points. However as we know there can only be one winner, hopefully we will see some teams getting away from the rest of the pack.