Teamfight Tactics patch 12.10 provides final set of updates before set 7 starts

Teamfight Tactics patch 12.10 is not exactly a huge change in scenario for the turn-based game, as this is its final update before set 7 is introduced.

Nevertheless, patch 12.10 will be focused more on fun, and will just bring minor updates to shake up the meta and allow players to have a climb ranked session one last time before the season ends.

The main changes comes within the traits implemented in the game:

-Arcanist: Total ability power increased from 20/50/90/135 to 20/50/100/150

-Hextech: Shield buffed from 100/150/275/375 to 100/175/300/425

-Twinshot: The chance for abilities and attacks to trigger twice has been slightly increased from 40/55/70/100 to 40/55/75/100

-Twinshot: Bonus attack damage increased from 10/25/40/70 to 10/25/50/80

-Yordle (6): Mana reduction increased from 33 to 40 percent

-Innovator: Mechanical Scarab base health nerfed from 475 to 450

-Innovator: Mechanical Bear armor and magic resistance reduced from 55 to 50

-Innovator: Mechanical Dragon base health nerfed from 1,025 to 925

-Bodyguard: Bonus shield reduced at the breakpoint of eight from 200/400/800/2000 to 200/400/800/1800

-Colossus: Bonus health increased from 800/800/1600 to 800/800/1888

-Enforcer (5): Bonus attack speed increased from 80 to 100 percentScholar: Mana regeneration increased from 5/15/25 to 5/15/30

As you can see most of the changes in this area either buffs or nerfs come to provide underused compositions a chance to shine. As within season 6 the meta was quite stiff.

Now continuing with champion changes, the Viktor buffs will likely be the most significant part of the update, along with the nerfs to Orianna this time around. Renata Glasc will also be receiving a buff, and Riot’s objective for the champion is as a special counter to the nerfs that Morellonomicon received in patch 12.9.

Champion changes are the following:

Three cost champions

-Ekko: Parallel Convergence damage reduced at one-star from 150/200/400 to 125/200/400

-Ekko: Parallel Convergence bonus attack speed nerfed at one-star from 35/40/50 to 20/40/50 percent

Four cost champions

-Ahri: Orb of Deception damage buffed slightly from 135/200/450 to 140/210/500

-Irelia: Bladesurge attack damage scaling increased from 185 to 190 percent

-Draven: Attack damage reduced slightly from 90 to 85

-Kha’Zix: Attack damage increased from 85 to 90

-Orianna: Maximum mana nerfed from 30/90 to 40/100

-Orianna: Command Shockwave shield nerfed at one-star from 140/200/700 to 125/200/700

-Orianna: Command Shockwave damage reduced slightly from 325/450/1500 to 300/425/1500

-Renata Glasc: Toxic Wave damage increased from 40/65/240 to 50/75/250

Five cost champions

-Viktor: Chaos Ray destruction of remaining shields buffed from 25/33/100 to 40/50/200 percent

As the last update of the season, Riot gave the community all they were asking for: a nerf to Orianna, buff to Renata, and a pretty big change to traits. Hopefully it will make season 6 finish with a bang.