Call of Duty Modern Warfare II announced with the beloved Task Force 141

Call of Duty has released some huge details regarding the new entry on the franchise with Modern Warfare II. On Infinity Ward’s social network handles, they revealed the upcoming characters coming to the game as well as its release date.

The new and revamped version of Task Force 141 was officially announced by Captain Price back in Modern Warfare 2019 after the credits scene. The franchise has previously teased the return of some original Modern Warfare characters in the next installment.

For those newer to the franchise, the original version of Modern Warfare 2 featured one of the most beloved campaign roster to this date. Thankfully most of them will be returning.

Starting with Ghost, his voice actor @samuelroukin participated within the promotion with the following tweet:

“A year ago I began a project I couldn’t talk about. I am beyond excited to announce I’m playing the iconic, Ghost, in #CallofDuty  #ModernWarfare2 . So grateful to @infinityward and @activision

 for putting their trust in me. Just wait ‘til you play this game. It’s special. #MW2”

With the mere mention of any Modern Warfare game it is almost easy to predict the arrival of Ghost as he is the staple of the franchise. With the revelation of the first key artwork from the game, Infinity Ward confirmed today that Ghost is making a comeback to the next edition of the title.

Then we follow with the hard to read Captain Price, every Call of Duty fan knows the impact of this character on the franchise. Modern Warfare 2019 finished with Price reuniting the members of the new Task Force 141. It is inevitable that Captain Price will play a significant role in Modern Warfare II. As per the blog, Price will be the team leader and guide for the new Task Force 141.

Soap rises out of the grave to appear as well, all the old school Call of Duty fans know who this character is. He was the protagonist in the Modern Warfare series for a very long time. Having first appeared in Modern Warfare (2007 edition), the fan-favorite character is all set to make a return to the forthcoming game.

Following we have Sergeant Kyle “Gaz” Garrick, Gaz was one of the three previous playable characters in Modern Warfare 2019. While it is expected the new game will be a sequel to the last one, it is no surprise that Gaz is making a comeback to bring continuity to the story.

Finally we have a brand new character in Coronel Alejandro Vargas, a couple of leaks presented Mexico as a possible stage for the game. Most likely here is where we will see Alejandro be introduced to Force 141.

Call of Duty has revealed that with the release of the new key artworks, this is the beginning of a new era for the franchise. Further reports about the other characters have still not been released yet, but fans can hope that, hopefully soon, there will be a lot more information regarding Modern Warfare 2.