Mid Season Invitational 2022 Day 4: T1 loses against Evil Geniuses, while RNG secure next stage spot

The fourth day of the Rumble Stage at the 2022 Mid Season Invitational has been finalized. This was the most interesting set of games among all the others in the tournament.

The biggest upset of the day was Evil Geniuses defeating T1 in an extremely close game, as the North American squad proved that they could bring convincing wins against the Korean giants. Outside of that, RNG continues to be in other worldly form as the Chinese LPL champions have secured a spot for next stage, nevertheless first place in the Rumble Stage is still up for grabs.

G2 Esports showed lack of adaptiveness in game as well as in mentality, overall it was a blunder day for the european representatives. Once PSG Talon ended the undefeated streak for G2, everything fell apart, and now G2 Esports is dangerously close to getting their organization sent home.

These are the current standings after Day 4 of the Mid Season Invitational:

1st-RNG 7-1

2nd-T1 5-3

3rd-Evil Geniuses 4-4

4th-G2 4-4

5th-PSG Talon 3-5

6th-Saigon Buffalo 1-7

Currently RNG is the undisputed God of the tournament. The LPL 2022 Spring Split champions are looking to get the MSI title again, as no other team seems close to their level of synergy and gameplay.

T1 seems to continue its shaky form as the Korean juggernauts lost to Evil Geniuses today in shocking fashion, but then suddenly crushed G2 Esports quite easily. This speaks volumes to the rest of the teams outside of RNG, as they don’t seem to adapt very well to specific games. However Gumayusi was able to bring back some confidence after getting his staple Aphelios, hopefully we will see more in future games.

Evil Geniuses is gaining its recent form back as the LCS champions outplayed T1 through almost impossible wombo combos and baron plays. As more time passes within the tournament we will see more standard teamfighting focused picks, as some glimpses of Aphelios and Jinx have been shown today, with Kalista and Tristana most likely falling to obscurity.

G2 Esports is the team that is looking to be in whole they cant get out off. They started really well in the first  two days grabbing wins, however in an unfortunate turn of events,G2 Esports lost to PSG Talon yet again and for their second game got demolished by T1.

The LEC champions seem mentally broken, and things are looking shaky. Suddenly G2 Esports is making major macro mistakes especially in rotations, as well as in draft. Flakked, arguably the best team fighting ADC in the tournament, is being put on setup champions that have lower impact in exchange for higher engagement potential. However Flakked doesn’t seem to find a spot to utilize these tools on a consistent basis.

G2 Esports seems to be suffering from lack of adaptability, where they would repeat the same style of plays without taking enemy mindfulness into account.

Then we have PSG Talon, after a couple of decent wins have sadly fallen off similar to G2’s fashion. The PCS champions were able to grab a win against the european representatives, but that is all they got for day four.

Lastly, Saigon Buffalo deserves recognition today, despite being  out of the tournament, the VCS representatives were able to show their true potential. SB almost defeated RNG and stomped PSG Talon, which hopefully shows that the future is bright for their region.