“Infiltration” previous EVO champion banned from the competition and other events

In an unusual scenario, Seon-Woo “Infiltration” has been banned from Twitch, Combo Breaker, EVO, and other important events, for violating the events’ code of conduct ruleset. Even for all events he was currently placed into, all refunds were started in order to finish the vanishing process.

Via Twitter, Infiltration informed his fans about the ban’s reason and overall situation.

“1. Banned from CB & EVO

2. Twitch blocked my account without msg or email

3. Ian walker sent me an email to do interview about CB & EVO(and this guy posted about my case in 2018 things in Kotaku then blocked me on Twitter).

Everything happened in a day.”

Infiltration highlighted the fact that there was no recent explanation for his ban. Nevertheless, Twitch had banned his account without providing any prior emails or messages. However, more interestingly, in response to all of this, the streamer made a post on TwitLonger where he properly expressed himself further.

As per the streamer, Combo Breaker and EVO didn’t give anything other than a web page link that shows their code of conduct. Providing further details on what happened, Infiltration said:

“To my surprise, I received an email at 9 AM KST, May 20th, 2022, from the organizers of EVO. The summary of the email was in regards to my consideration of my entrance to their tournaments. In short, they are not allowing my entry to its tournaments and will process my refund.”

“While I was in shock to receive such information, I wanted to know exactly what were the checklists they’ve gone through to make their decision to stop my further activities in entering open tournaments.”

Infiltration later said he would issue a statement on the matter and believes that this can be resolved with a proper communication between parties. With so much going on, it seems like the next few days will provide more information on the situation. This means that fans may have to wait a bit longer to get more details.

As usual as soon as the ban was known by the public, social media started to provide criticism both ways. While the majority of viewers are trying to understand the real reason behind the sudden ban, a small number of viewers went on to directly attack Twitch for the “unjustified ban”. Twitch definitely has come up with controversy especially within its terms of service and moderation department. In the last couple of years streamers have received different penalizations for the same reason  of bans, making this an easy target for non constructive criticism.

As of the moment we are awaiting updates from both parties, to hopefully clarify the scenario by seeing both sides of the story. Information and perspective is key to analyze a situation like this, in order to behave in a proper manner.