FAZE Clan advances to the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 thanks to a last round knife kill

Faze Clan is known to always finish with style, which they definitely showed in the last series played by them. Roster changes may come in but they will always deliver a show.

Earlier today, FaZe clan became the first grand finalist in the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 after taking down team Spirit in quite an unusual manner, directly with a knife kill to win it all. Even though FaZe clan finished off the series with a win, this entire series hasn’t been easy by any means. At the very last minute of the game, Finn “Karrigan” Andersan closed out the win in the most exciting way possible, by getting a knife kill on Abdul “Degster” Ganasov, to win twenty three to twenty five.

Team Spirit might lack big name superstars, however they have grit and bravery something they have definitely shown throughout the competition. Faze Clan is no easy feat, however the consistency in teamwork is what made Team Spirit a tough opponent. Even though Faze Clan was able to create great one versus one scenarios to create pressure within the game, Team Spirit did the opposite. Composure and patience was the name of the game for them, as most of Faze Clan’s pushes were easily subdued with clever trades.

Unfortunately for Team Spirit, Faze Clan started to notice their pattern of play promptly adapting to it. By the end of the grueling series Faze Clan was able to push through with creativity at a maximum.

In the lower bracket we had a ferocious battle between ENCE and Na’vi. The latter came as the favorite, the trio of Boomich/S1mple/Electronic is one if not the best the game has ever seen, a combination of brains and raw mechanical power. The first game was an expected stomp by Na’vi taking “Nuke” sixteen to seven, Boomich and S1mple averaging a thirteen kill to death ratio on the game. 

However, coming into map two, ENCE managed to bring a bit of spark back to the game. ENCE is a younger, more inexperienced roster, with Snappi being the older one trying to provide guidance to the young talent. What is interesting and quite exciting for the future, is that all the roster manages to show up on different occasions, if one player does badly the other four will pick up the slack immediately. This makes the roster a possible future contender for titles, sadly as mentioned before they need to have more experience against bigger teams in order to achieve it.

After a couple of promising rounds, S1mple was just impossible to stop, a lot of teams have suffered this fate at some point. As the Ukrainian CSGO demigod managed to drop thirty kills to give Na’vi the win.

The PGL Antwerp Major finals will be live today May 22nd, so keep an eye for the classic matchup: FAZE vs Na’vi.