League of Legends Mid Season Invitational Rumble Stage started with upsets and expected results alike

Day 1 of the rumble stage at the Mid Season Invitational 2022 has officially finished. It was arguably one of the most exciting starts that fans could have hoped for, as most games were incredibly entertaining to watch, with constant twists and turns making the games unpredictable.

However what we did not expect is the return of the Old Kings as G2 Esports defeated both T1 and RNG (Royal Never Give Up) in amazing fashion to grow their streak up to 22-0. G2 Esports is definitely a team that is known to show up to the biggest stage, as they are the previous Mid Season Invitational Champions.

Outside of that, RNG, Evil Geniuses and T1 grabbed one win each in the rest of the day one matches. PSG Talon also ended up picking up a dominant win against the VCS representatives, Saigon Buffalo.

As it stands, G2 Esports is obviously the best team in the tournament right now after ending the winstreaks of both RNG as well as T1. The match against T1 did look shaky in the beginning as G2 had a 5000 gold deficit. However T1 did something everybody expected within the draft, when they are blue side T1 always looks to ban Ahri plus Leblanc in order to pick an early Twisted Fate. This was definitely predicted by G2, thus they picked most likely the strongest current mid and jungle duo against Twisted Fate in Diana and Yasuo. This duo definitely was a big part of G2’s success against what most deemed the current best team in the world. The match against RNG was not as close as G2 Esports pressured quite heavily the League of Legends LPL 2022 Spring Split champions out and claimed a dominating win. Once more G2 shows that gods can bleed.

T1 and RNG, both teams have claimed victories against PSG Talon and Evil Geniuses respectively. T1’s game against PSG Talon was absolute dominance within the rift as the LCK champions managed to pressure directly in the one versus one scenarios in the laning phase provided much needed confidence to the squad. RNG did struggle a bit against Evil Geniuses, however the northamerican representatives lack composure while closing games, something RNG took advantage of throughout the game.

Lastly Evil Geniuses also grabbed a victory against Saigon Buffalo, as the League of Legends VCS representatives barely stood a chance. As of the moment, Evil Geniuses, PSG Talon, and Saigon Buffalo are looking like the weakest teams and will likely have to fight between them to have a chance at the knockout stages. Don’t get me wrong, upsets can definitely happen, however the level of gameplay provided by the previously mentioned teams is not enough to go toe to toe against the beasts. Hopefully we will see further improvement from them for Day 2 of the competition.