PEL 2022 Spring Finals Day 1 started with a lot of mobile first person shooter action

China’s mobile phenomenon is massive, ranking as one of the highest mobile player base’s in the world. Peacekeeper (Player Unknown Battlegrounds chinese adaptation) has a lot of momentum within the scene, as it’s considered the best region in the world for the game.

The grand finals of the Peacekeeper Elite Professional League (PEL) began today, with fifteen teams ready to take the chicken dinner. All finalists participants started with bonus points depending on their playoff performance, thus laying down the groundwork for favorites within the tournament from day one.

Every day will feature a total of five games with a pool of three different maps. At the end of day 1, tournament favorites Six Two Eight (STE) are ahead of the pack with a total of 85 points, including two battle royale wins. 4 Angry Man (4AM) did the unthinkable, having only a 1 point headstart from playoffs were able to finish second with 64 points, making them a possible dark horse within the tournament.

Sadly there were also a couple of disappointing performances from veteran teams. Nova Esports, despite starting with 20 points from playoffs, dropped 3 possible wins to end in third place with 49 points. Lastly LGD, a well known organization within multiple esports franchises, landed 15th in the ladder after only accumulating 16 points from all five games.

There will be no shortage of action and high level gameplay, as there are a total of 20 games played between May 19th through May 22nd. This will definitely provide teams on the bottom an opportunity to redeem themselves on the higher stage of Peacekeeper, as most teams wouldn’t want to miss on a big cut of the 4.12 million dollar prize pool.