Lost Ark’s Destined for Destruction update brings a new character and a lot of customization

Lost Ark continues to pump big updates towards its player base in order to catch up with the previous established regions. The newly released “Destined for Destruction” update, brings a brand new character, customization options, and quality of life changes we will inspect today.

Starting with the biggest point of interest, the “Destroyer” advanced class. The Destroyer focuses on getting itself directly in the center of battle, wielding a huge hammer able to control gravity. Yes you heard that correctly, with gravity its main focus is to disrupt its targets by applying slows,pushing,pulling, and damaging enemies. Lost Ark had a lack of hard crowd control classes within its roster, as before it was mainly focused on buffs and pure damage, this making the Destroyer quite unique.

Next we have a new raid in “Valtan”, as it will introduce a legion raid within its territory. Legion raids are quite difficult team based content which requires to execute timed and shifting mechanics within its repertoire. Players will have a challenge deciphering its unique characteristics and gameplay to create an efficient strategy.

Updated character customization was also introduced, with new hairstyles for the five base classes (Warrior,Mage,Assassin,Gunner, and Martial Artist). Individual changes were also made for the Warrior class providing premade looks and five facial presets without facial hair. Lastly Mage class are able to have humanoid ears now.

Finishing with the most anticipated changes outside of content, we have updates to the auction house,trading, and UI. These three topics definitely have received a lot of feedback and controversy in the last couple of months. The auction house brings a revamped “Advanced Search” engine helping the player have more control on what is searched for, definitely a welcome addition as there is a limitless amount of items listed in the market. An “Integrated Dungeon” function was added where you are able to quickly see the dungeons and raids available for each character, making alternative character progression simpler to track down. 

Nevertheless the community is enjoying a lot of the recent features introduced, which will hopefully be coming with a similar fast paced model.