New Call of Duty leaks show Warzone 2 might bring AI protected Strongholds and more

Gaming leaks are quite prominent these days, either just as rumors and sometimes even with actual gameplay. However Call of Duty leak accounts in social media tend to be accurate when sharing information of development and features.

The community has taken a liking to several Twitter accounts, this time an account named “@_Tom_Henderson_” has leaked several news on the next installation of Call of Duty’s Warzone Mode. Tom Henderson has been accurate and quite credible with his previous leaks, making this situation even trickier to decipher.

Tom Henderson states that he saw the new map for Warzone 2 and its possible new game mode “DMZ”, saying both modes are available within the same map. This time the map is created with points built with classic Call of Duty maps we know. Henderson went as far as providing certain Modern Warfare 2 content within this map such as Quarry, High Rise, Afghan and Terminal, even reporting their respective locations within Warzone’s 2 map.

Lastly a report from Tom Henderson and a new source called “NeroCinema” suggested a new game mode within the franchise named “Strongholds”. As per their report these are AI guarded areas within the map providing players with more content outside of the battle royale fighting we are accustomed to.

“Strongholds are located across the entire map and will give players something additional to do instead of just buying your Loadout at a buy station” “There are around 25-30 of them spread out across the entire map (so probably just as many as the usual buy stations we’ve been accustomed to).” Henderson mentioned.

This is a completely new concept for Call of Duty as a whole, the community is comparing it closely to the likes of DayZ and Escape from Tarkov, games that introduce pvp with pve in large scale maps. Nevertheless we shall see what happens with this information as Henderson mentioned we are close to a cinematic trailer release around the 8th of June.