100 THIEVES will try their hands on game development with “Project X”

100 Thieves is well known as one of the most progressive gaming focused organizations currently, as it ventures outside of gaming and tries to step into different markets while not losing their essence.

After having their own successful clothing line, producing small music samples with artists like Lil’NasX, and winning competitions over Valorant and League of Legends, they are bringing a gaming development studio to create what is called “Project X”.

Now Project X normally rings a bell and is well known thanks to the movie, however this time is a cryptic title for 100 Thieves’ new adventure. We all know gaming development is quite a harsh and unforgiving environment where anyone can get in but not all can create something special. 

In a saturated market, communication with the community is extremely important, as it creates a connection to the project. 100 Thieves’ is making this approach a priority, as founder and chief executive officer “Nadeshot” mentions that its ultimate goal is to attract players,streamers, and professional players to be involved in the game.

Not many studios take this approach as development can be leaked or rushed thanks to many people being involved with the project. However this approach will make players feel connected to the game even at its infancy, creating hype and a stable fan base as long as it can be controlled by the development team.

The genre or even focus of the game has yet to be announced, however Nadeshot has made quite clear that he embraces the challenge with the correct team by his side. Ultimately if 100 Thieves is able to pull this off, it might be a revolution on how game developers approach the public’s opinion and early interaction in future projects, making Project X more than just a game.