Apex Legends Mobile “Fade” is an interesting first addition to the franchise

Apex Legends Mobile released on May 17th and with it came an exclusive character in “Fade”, today we will visit his combat kit, how it applies to the game, and the meta shift he has created.

As all characters within Apex Legends Mobile, Fade has a passive, tactical, and ultimate ability. The main focus of its kit is mobility, creating diversions and confusing the enemy. Starting with his passive ability “Slipstream”, where after sliding it provides a movement and speed bonus effect making him quite hard to kill if used correctly. Next for his tactical ability we have “Flash Back”, once used Fade will enter a state of invulnerability while rewinding his last movement and returning him to a previous position, it has a hefty twenty second cooldown. Finally his ultimate “Phase Chamber”, Fade deploys a void energy chamber where any characters near the chamber will be pulled to it. Enemies and allies inside the chamber will not take damage or be able to deal damage until the chamber entirely dissipates.

His kit is definitely quite simple until we visit his ultimate, Fade thrives in a fast paced style of combat. Thanks to having so much mobility and speed, as well as technically a reset button, he is able to push forward with minimal repercussions as long as the player understands the limits of the character. However his ultimate is interesting as it can definitely provide value to a fight, but can have a negative impact if not used in sync with your teammates. Different aggressive compositions that take value on his ultimate have already surfaced within the game, it’s a matter of time the community cracks the best way to use Fade.

Apex Legends Mobile started with the right foot and hopefully will see more content and love put within it in the next couple of months.