All you need to know about League of Legends’ MSI Rumble Stage

After a grueling groups stage filled with rematches, upsets and absolute bangers, the Mid Season Invitational is set to start its rumble stage on May 20. Where six teams in T1, G2, Evil Geniuses, Saigon Buffalo, PSG Talon and Royal Never Give Up, will battle it out in 5 days to scale all the way to the finals.

A lot of games will be played in this rumble stage as every team will play two games per day. This brings up a lot of questions, especially on how the tournament’s meta will shift. On the previous stage we have seen teams appropriate their own interpretation of the meta, with T1 advancing with unusual picks as most of the community suggests is to avoid showing their strategies, Saigon Buffalo presenting an aggressive approach, and RNG looking for the one on one play style unique to them.

Champions such as Gwen were highly contested by all teams in the tournament, however the value of the champion lies in the possible flex between top lane and mid lane. Where a champion like Gwen is so popular, anti meta champions will arise. The excitement of the tournament lies on what strategies a team will develop to counter meta picks, where the obvious is quite easy to predict, most teams will definitely try their hands in obscure champions to surprise their opponents.

Finally the community is extremely excited by certain matchups in this rumble stage, as in fact the first game is between the two most followed teams in the tournament T1 versus G2. T1 has demonstrated that nurturing talent in a slow and steady process provides a long term solution to lack of team synergy, however G2 took chances in their roster this season with “Flakked” and “Targamas” being both rookies.

An absolute five days of gaming madness is brewing in the Mid Season Invitational. Hopefully it will leave up to the community’s expectations, bringing quite a show before the opening League of Legends season ends.