Match fixing accusations continue to appear within CSGO

Counter Strike Global Offensive is no stranger to match fixing scandals, some of them rumors while others proven including harsh penalties. The latest accusation to come out includes former professional players where the standout is “HObbit” currently playing for Cloud9 in the PGL Antwerp Major.

It all started with a direct accusation from former team mate (now retired) “5TRIK3R”. He brought to light an attempt of match fixing within a pistol round, where by his words several players from his former team “Party” bet skins on them losing the round.

The accusation involves the following Party players: HObbit, Fitch, 5TRIKER, amongst others not yet mentioned. You might be wondering why 5TRIKER, even though he is involved in the possible match fixing scandal, came out himself with the allegations. Unfortunately he revealed that currently he is fighting a serious illness, and would like to put his morale in order with the situation, as seen within the following tweet.

5TRIKER-“The tests came back with a serious diagnosis. I will fight to the end and try to win this confrontation. Since 2016 my playing career has ended due to certain actions. For 6 years, I have not been able to let go, and periodically, this situation strains me mentally. The situation due to illness is different, so I want to put my morale in order by telling the whole truth about the former PARTY team and live with peace of mind. Good health to you!”

HObbit immediately responded to the allegations, as an investigation has started by a regulatory institution known as “Esports Integrity Commision”. ESIC is known to have a spectacular investigatory process, however penalties are more on the heavy side according to most professional players and organizations. HObbit will cooperate with the investigation as seen by the following tweet.

HObbit-”I have never been involved in match-fixing.

Fully prepared to assist in @ESIC_Official investigation.

All that i have achieved, i earned with my hard work and perseverance. My reputation is above all to me.”

Verdict on the subject has yet to be achieved, however we should hear updates soon on the matter.