Fall Guys implements a free to play model to be released soon

One of the biggest gaming phenomena will soon be entirely free to play within XBOX, Nintendo Switch, Playstation and PC. Fall Guys shook the entire industry with its high color palettes and minigames, while technically still being a battle royale.

Fall Guys rose to popularity quite quickly, as it was released during the first stage of the pandemic. A Lot of players within their homes saw the fun, easy going nature of the game, but still had the raw competitive spirit that battle royales naturally produce by eliminating players after a series of minigames, either time based or strictly player versus player.

Unfortunately the game itself after a couple of extremely popular months fell away to obscurity, as after the first season it was not able to captivate the same energy towards the playerbase, Among Us taking its place as the friendly casual game within the industry. As such, Fall Guys recently announced its becoming free to play, of course in order to be accessible to a higher number of players and hopefully bringing back the good old times.

The announcement was made in a Youtube livestream with a high quality video show, including the release date to be June 21. After the free to play announcement, a lot of important updates were shared, including a full cross play system with no exclusivity as well as cross progression for already existing players. 

Now, what happens with players that bought the game? If you already have a copy of Fall Guys, you will receive a package containing: a Nametag, three exclusive skins, and Season Pass 1 (all for free).

Finally they shared a little bit of future plans on bringing a custom “round maker”, where players will be able to create their own levels to enjoy publicly or with friends, making the game more player oriented.

Mediatonic is optimistic and excited to make this change for good, hopefully it will be steps in the right direction.