Apex Legends Mobile-Release date, exclusive character and more

Currently the most played battle royale Apex Legends is set to fully release its mobile port, after a couple of months with regional testing it will release in a couple of hours exactly on May 17th. Be prepared to start downloading to put your hands in the next battle royale entry on mobile.

It officially releases on iOS and Android, with a pre-registration process where you can get yourself exclusive content, including rewards that will be given to players as soon as they login to the game on launch. 

Apex Legends Mobile will release with two maps “King’s Canyon” and “World’s Edge”, as well as three different multiplayer game modes available for players to master. Roster wise there will be ten characters available to explore including the currently exclusive character “Fade”, only available to the mobile port.

This has brought a lot of controversy surrounding the launch, as nobody expected Apex Legends mobile to have an exclusive never seen before character. The community is divided by this choice, as most do not like exclusivity and others want to get their hands on Fade as soon as possible. Certain clarifications were made, including that development of the mobile port is done by a separate studio rather than Respawn Entertainment which only oversees the process. Thus creating different development fundamentals and ideals, sadly no further comments were made on the possibility of Fade being within the PC and console versions of the game.

With most mobile ports becoming cash focused games, the community is definitely apprehensive at first, however most understand that the usual revenue stream comes from microtransactions. Most of the concerns come from the possibility of in-game power ups or direct influence of power, as Electronic Arts (current publisher) is well known to implement loot boxing systems that provide the previously mentioned.

Nevertheless excitement is quite high to see the franchise step into mobile gaming and appeal to casual and hardcore gamers alike.