What to expect from the PUBG Nations Cup

Player Unknown Battlegrounds is set to start a new incursion within the esports scene. Regularly they have the usual league system with a final tournament for the best teams in the world, however a new format has appeared in the Nations Cup. 

Several countries have a high Player Unknown Battlegrounds player base thus making an appearance within the tournament. You might think this is a more relaxed environment similar to League of Legends “Allstars” or to other gaming show matches, but a 500,000$ prize pool will definitely shake things up.

Included within the tournament we have Northamerican, Southamerican, Asian and European representatives. As the international tournament finishes its announcements, it was defined that each team would select four players and a coach to its roster. It’s not easy picking the best players in such a high talent pool, however it had to be done.

The format itself is quite simple but effective, from june 16th to the 19th there will be 5 daily matches with only two maps available “Erangel” and “Mianmar”. The point system usually seen within the battleground industry will be present, but is still a secret the exact implementation within this tournament. 

The sixteen teams that make an appearance will have a shot at 100.000$ for first place, 58.000$ for second place and 50.000$ for third place. However all teams participating will receive a decreasing amount depending on where they finish, with last place only taking 8000$.

Lastly, with Player Unknown Battlegrounds’ microtransaction system implemented a few years back, the community will have the chance to get an exclusive set of character skins and profile backgrounds from the event. Part of the revenue of these microtransactions will be added to the prize pool as well, thus helping create a better esports scene for PUBG. Definitely keep an eye on this tournament!