Mid Season Invitational Day 6 delivered fast blows and a legacy coming to fruition

Mid Season Invitational day 6 finished in a blink of an eye, however it definitely pushed a more entertaining and cautivative playstyle. With T1 applying dominance and Saigon Buffalo showing huge promise for a longer run in the tournament. 

The narrative of the day was a high pressure League of Legends playstyle and it started right from the get go. Team Aze vs Saigon Buffalo was short lived as the Latin American representative was demolished in a twenty three minute game. However Team Aze’s support player “Straight” provided a small champion charm as a memento to SGB players after the game, something quite beautiful and sportsmanlike. 

Right after, we found ourselves in possibly the most exciting game of the tournament so far, Saigon Buffalo versus Detonation Focus Me. Normally you would assume a lower quality of team gameplay coming from minor regions, however this game was incredibly aggressive and calculated from both sides. Rather unusual champions were picked such as Kalista mid lane and Vel’koz, the first one mentioned being the catalyst that gave Saigon Buffalo the win. Detonation Focus Me was extremely behind in gold and pressure after several hard engagements thanks to Kalista’s ultimate applied to either Diana or Sett, however the japanese representative was able to come back after a series of well maneuvered teamfights. The last teamfight was decided just by a single miss positioned movement from Detonation Focus Me, allowing Saigon Buffalo to finally close the game at the thirty seven minute mark. Thus removing Detonation Focus Me from the tournament.

Lastly T1 showed up with the usual entertaining but focused performances we are used to this season. The spotlight was on Keria the entire day as he brought three different picks no one expected in Bard,Pyke and Rumble. All of the previous beautifully executed and synergized to function within T1’s gameplay scheme, thus making them currently loss free on the tournament.