PUBG Mobile surpasses 7.5$ billion in total revenue

Mobile gaming has absolutely blown up in certain regions of the world, specially within Asia and America. The latest title to step up into the high ends of the mobile world is Player Unknown Battlegrounds and its mobile version.

Whether it would be by sponsorships from its huge esports scene or its in-game loot box system, PUBG Mobile has managed to accrued 7.5$ billion total from its infancy. The only game above currently in the revenue charts is Mobile Legends Bang Bang, however not by much.

The interesting part of all of this, comes from information that fifty seven percent or roughly 4.7$ billion comes from its chinese player base, where the game is called “Game For Peace”. Chinese culture around mobile gaming is quite massive, as China is highly regarded as the biggest smartphone producer in the world. 

After a turbulent first quarter, first person shooters have recovered within mobile gaming. At the forefront we have PUBG Mobile with Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire Garena coming close. All three games grossing quite a bit of revenue, some of it has gone back towards their respective esports scene. The PUBG Mobile Club Open stated a 600,000$ prize pool in its latest presentation, this amount easily surpasses or even challenges the biggest console or pc competitions.

The market has changed over the years, especially after regional bans. PUBG Mobile suffered this fate after India’s government banned the game due to security issues. India had the second highest player base within the game thus leaving a lot of revenue behind. However after the pandemic started, the US player base easily overtook the market, with Japan and China coming second, and South Korea coming third.

As of right now PUBG Mobile continues to bring in millions of players towards their platform thanks to unique updates and of course lots of customization options for the game’s characters. Hopefully they will continue to invest towards the public for a better, more fleshed out experience.