Mid Season Invitational’s Day 5 took shape as expected

After the recent controversy was somewhat resolved, League of Legends’ Mid Season Invitational was set to start with full force.

Starting with the focal point of the competition, Royal Never Give Up had to replay their last three games. Which as expected finished with the same result as before, even though the spirits were low within the team due to previous circumstances. The entire team was refocused by veteran “Xiaohu” who had an amazing performance throughout the entirety of the day. Especially after picking an unusual champion in Gwen, normally picked in top lane Gwen is not used to the high movement of mid lane, however Xiaohu managed to end with a ten kill and two death ratio.

Then we have the northamerican team Evil Geniuses, it hasn’t been the best start for the youngsters as their score currently stands at 4-4. After a flamboyant introduction to the tournament they seem to bring a lot of confidence in themselves to win it all, however sadly they have not been up to par to the highest level of competition, only acquiring wins against Order. Their team fight focus style of play has been a hit or miss against the highly regarded teams, where for example G2 has punished their early game constantly to avoid any sort of scaling towards the late game.

G2 came with expectations as they always do, however the community did not come with the idea that G2 was gonna be this decisive in the tournament. Currently standing at the top of the group with an 8-0 record, making them the best team of the tournament by day 5. Caps has returned to old form being the focal point of the team, mimicking Xiaohu’s pick in Gwen, Caps was able to provide huge damage and pressure for his team in the last game of the day.

Lastly, Order unfortunately was not able to accomplish a single win in the tournament. Making the OPL representatives officially eliminated. Hopefully we will see more from them in the future.