Apex Legends’ community outraged by Kraber nerf

Apex Legends season 13 came with a lot of potential, some of it was executed perfectly while some did not hit as expected… literally. The Kraber has been a staple weapon within the franchise, bolstering the most amount of damage of any gun, however trading possible uptime and mobility.

The gun itself had the community divided in regards to its power. Half of the player base would appreciate the damage of the weapon while learning to accept the slow reload, while the other half says the weapons damage is simply too high compared to the previously mentioned negative aspects of the weapon.

After the update came down, Apex Legends’ community was in awe of the change Respawn Entertainment made to the sniper rifle. Although the decision was pretty obvious and rather simple, developers decided to directly nerf the damage of the weapon. Sadly this unleashed a series of comments by the community, most of it negative towards the nerf.

As previously mentioned the identity of the Kraber was of this heavy sniper rifle that when used properly would be a one shot to the head, even through shields and high health tank champions. This being quite unique within the game, as all the other sniper rifles where a two shot or more to provide the same value. Naturally Kraber enjoyers were not happy about it, however the common opinion is that developers could have nerfed the weapon in other areas rather than directly to its identity.

Previous instances of a possible Kraber nerf happened multiple times, where the community provided different ideas to “balance” the weapon without attacking its raw damage output. Things like making the player slower while moving or even its fire rate, were pretty common within videos and streams of high profile professional players.

As of the moment no changes have been made to the Kraber, even though the community outrage is still going on. At the end of the day it seems most of the discussion is surrounded around the lack of communication and awareness of other possible venues for the nerf. Hopefully Respawn Entertainment will provide further updates to apeace the community.