Newcastle Apex Legends, the new supportive character in Apex Legends, is it any good?

Apex Legends has released a new addition to their broad roster in the name of “Newcastle”, a supportive focused character which as per developers “Will add depth to this playing style”.

As some of you may know, Apex Legend’s developers have put a lot of effort in making unique and relatable characters with back stories that connect with their abilities and playstyle in game. Newcastle is no exception to this, as the team behind this project was inspired with a “Knightish” look and vision for the character. However story wise it is presented as a soldier that went AWOL (absent without official leave) to his organization, all of this done to leave the battleground and protect his sister.

In a meta and professional environment dominated completely by Gibraltar thanks to his “Dome of Protection”, Newcastle may have the ability to shake things up thanks to the unique playstyle and abilities he provides. He is not the usual “bubble” or “healing” type of playstyle, his kit is more focused on going in towards the fight, to leave no man behind on the frontline.

Newcastle – the abilities

Starting with his passive ability “Retrieve the Wounded” which drags downed allies as you revive and protect them with your revive shield. Then we have his tactical ability “Mobile Shield”, it throws a controllable drone that creates a moving energy shield. Lastly for his ultimate ability “Castle Wall” which makes Newcastle leap to an ally or target area slamming down and creating a fortified stronghold. This stronghold is a huge energy shield which knocks back enemies, also if said enemies try to push within the barrier they are slowed and receive damage while doing so.

Overall his playstyle is a more disruptive and versatile type of support, bringing certain tankiness to your team composition. Hopefully with the addition of Newcastle we will see some composition changes in the next couple of days.