Operation Monarch from Warzone has the community divided, some say it’s awful others magical

The new Warzone update “Operation Monarch” released recently has not been particularly well received by some strong voices within the community. This new limited time event within Call Of Duty’s biggest game mode, puts players against the huge phenomenons in King Kong and Godzilla, exclusively within “Caldera”. For some this is a huge breath of fresh air as Call of Duty doesn’t really do big collaborations outside their franchise, however for others it appears as a childish and non related event within the game.

Operation Monarch criticism

Most of the criticism from the community comes in the way Activision presented the event, as within the marketing it seemed like a huge fight was brewing between the two beasts, however in game they barely seem to notice each other. As for the pro-event enthusiasts, the strongest point is the possibility of taking control in some extent of the beasts, making way to bring chaos against your enemies.

Big names in the community did not wait long to provide criticism both ways towards the limited time event. Two of the most viewed streamers within Call of Duty “Nickmercs and Dr. Disrespect” had this to say respectively, “This warzone event is awful. Maybe we’re spoiled from the Fortnite ones, but damn bro. in Operation Monarch King Kong & Godzilla dont even fight.” “That Warzone event 2.2/10 What am i…. 9 years old?”. Later within their streams provided further feedback and opinions of the event as well.

Regarding the content itself, it brings the usual “challenges” which you can complete for a limited time, in order to receive rewards such as: calling cards,experience,charms and player titles. All of them having to do with the two newly introduced beasts.

At the end of the day the community’s opinion seems to be that the idea and characters of the event were interesting and exciting, however the implementation within the game was lackluster and simple.