If you want to rank up in League of Legends, you should be playing these champions

League of Legends is constantly changing as Riot Games releases balanced updates on a bi-weekly basis, making it very difficult for a lot of players to keep up with all the changes. Champions are constantly getting buffed, nerfed, and even re-worked in some cases, so knowing which champions are the strongest on each patch is a bit of a hassle. 

You can visit your favorite pro-player’s profile to check out what champions he is playing the most. You can visit sites like OP.GG and check the stats across the globe to determine what you should be picking. You have infinite possibilities when it comes to finding out which champion is the strongest. Riot recently release

While playing champions that you enjoy playing is always an option, we can’t deny that some champions are currently stronger than others. So if you are able to master the strongest champions of the patch, you’ll climb up the ladder much quicker. Just for you, we put up a list of the champions you should be playing in the 12.8 patch.

Top Lane

  • Gangplank
  • Darius
  • Wukong

All these champions have a couple of things in common, they’ve been buffed a few times recently, they are great laners and they also excel at teamfighting. The top lane is all about gaining early advantages during the laning phase and these champions are more than capable of it. If you manage to get an early lead, these champions allow you to roll over the enemy team in the later stages of the game.


  • Lee Sin
  • Diana
  • Karthus

If you manage to master these 3 champions, you are good to go. Each of these champions covers different roles. Lee Sin is in charge of leading the early game, he is one of the strongest duelers in the jungle and his ganking capabilities are top-notch. Diana is one of the greatest teamfighters in the game as she has a reliable engage and a bunch of AoE damage. Karthus is your go-to champion if you want to spend the entire early game farming, and when the late game arrives you can just press R and win the game.

Mid Lane

  • Ahri
  • Veigar
  • Twisted Fate

Mid lane is the most versatile lane in the game, you can play assassins, mages, support, and even tanks, giving you much more room for improvisation during the pick and ban phase. Ahri and Twisted Fate are one of the strongest roamers in the game, which makes you able to easily help your side lanes. Veigar is one of the strongest champions in the game right now, and while you don’t have much agency in the laning phase, his utility and damage are enough reasons to pick him every time you can.


  • Xayah
  • Miss Fortune
  • Lucian

Compared to other seasons, ADCs are in a great spot when it comes to carrying solo queue games. These three champions have a strong lane presence and they go well with almost every support. While Xayah and Lucian aren’t the greatest teamfighters, Miss Fortune excels at big fights because her ultimate can decimate any champion standing in its way.


  • Nautilus
  • Leona
  • Karma

I know, carrying as support isn’t the easiest task in the world, but champions like Nautilus and Leona allow you to have a lot of impact in the game without depending entirely on your team. They are really strong during the laning phase and their abilities are perfect for teamfighting. Karma is very different from the other two, but she also brings a lot to the table. From lane control to huge shields during teamfights, Karma is easily a top-tier support in the current meta.