TSM drops mid laner Keaiduo, IMT signs Golden Guardians ADC Lost

Keaiduo is dropped off the TSM roster

Zhu “Keaiduo” Xiong will be leaving the TSM academy roster after not finding the desired results during the Spring Split. The 20-year-old Chinese mid laner was the main mid laner for TSM in the LCS but was later replaced by TSM Academy mid laner Takeover. If we take a deep look at TSM’s spring split run, it would be unfair to blame it all on Keaiduo as they were having clear issues on every lane. TSM’s lack of success was completely unexpected as this organization has been a top 3 team for the entirety of the LCS history.

It is no surprise that after having a very disappointing spring split, TSM would look to make a few roster changes. We recently talked about their acquisition of Estral Esports’ support Mia, which would be later accompanied by the addition of Taiwanese mid laner Maple. TSM is looking to make almost a big switch in their roster. Changing a couple of players might not seem like a big deal, but an organization as big as TSM won’t take their failures lightly. They will try to bring in the best players they can for the upcoming Summer Split.

Immortals set to acquire Golden Guardians ADC Lost

The 23-year-old ADC Lawrence “Lost” Sze Yuy Hui is set to join the North American organization Immortals for the 2022 LCS Summer Split. Lost had a pretty good run with Golden Guardians considering that he played only one split with them and they were able to reach the playoffs in the spring split. Lost started to gain notoriety after he joined the TSM academy roster back in 2019, and one year later he was promoted to the main LCS roster. He found mixed results as he was always able to reach playoffs but never got a chance to play on the international stage.

It would be interesting to see Lost perform in the Immortals roster because he would be accompanied by Korean support player IgNar. It’s still very early to tell if this bot lane duo will be amongst the best in the league, but at least it’s safe to say they can be a strong top 5 contender. The Immortals organization needed to make a few adjustments in their League of Legends due to their recent poor performance. They finished last place in the LCS Spring Split and we didn’t really see any good signs at all. It’s not like all of their players were the worst in their position, it’s just that there was no team cohesion at all. Hopefully, for them, the Summer Split will go much better.