VALORANT: Prodigy Florescent set to join Misfits and Acend welcomes Vakk and Monsteerr

Misfits signs Florescent

In February of this year, Misfits Gaming entered the Valorant scene by signing the roster of all-female team 24Haven. The lineup was Slandy, Vernina Gozum, Chloe Wong, LunaFox, and Mady. They debuted under the Misfits name in the VCT 2022: Game Changers North America Series 1 Open Qualifier where they didn’t find much success at all. They got knocked down to the lower bracket by Dignitas Female in a clean sweep, meaning they would have to face AIMPUNCH in the lower bracket. They managed to take the enemy team in a convincing fashion, advancing into the next round. VersionX was their next opponent but the Misfits weren’t able to keep up against VersionX’s aggressive playstyle.

After being eliminated from the tournament, Misfits Gaming released a statement on twitter stating that LunaFox would no longer form part of the team and they would be trialing players. “We have parted ways with LunaFox and will begin trialing for the IGL, Duelist, and Smokes positions. We want to thank Luna for her contributions to the team, and wish her the best in the future. Misfits Black will conitue working hard to build a team that can compete at the highest level, and we’ll be back stronger for Stage 2.”

Florescent is an up-and-coming prospect and she is highly-regarded in the Game Changers scene. Sadly for Misfits, as she is only 15-year old, she isn’t eligible to compete in the upcoming Game Changers Series which starts on June 30. This clearly shows that Misfits is planning for the long run as they’ll make sure she has the best conditions to develop as a professional player.

Acend adds two players to their roster

Acend is a well-established European esports organization and is well-known within the Valorant professional scene. Although they haven’t had the best results in recent events, they are the 2021 Valorant World Champions as they took down Gambit Esports 3-2 in the Valorant Champions stage, earning the prize of $350,000 dollars. But Acend has been quiet for a while now, making moves while they figure out what’s the next step.

On April 29, Acend announcement their new additions to their roster. Vakaris “vakk” Bebravičius and Ondřej “MONSTEERR” Petrů would be the new players that replaced BONECOLD and Kiles. While the former hasn’t been able to find a team yet, Kiles was traded to Giants, as it was officially announced by the organization.

Vakk and Monster are former Team Vitality and Giants players, respectively. They’ve had positive results in the past which will give Acend fans hope as they are looking to come back into form and start picking up wins as they used to in the past. The upcoming VCT Stage 2 is looking to be an exciting one with all the roster changes in the past few days, be sure to stay tuned as we’ll keep covering everything related to Valorant.