Former Estral Support Mia set to join TSM, LIDER to KOI, and Zanzarah leaves Astralis

Estral Esports Support Mia is moving to North America

Choi “Mia” Sang-in was playing under the Mexican organization Estral Esports. The Latin American team played in the grand finals of the 2022 LLA Spring Split against Team Aze, where Estral ended up losing the series after 5 intense games. Before coming to Latin America in early May 2021, Choi Sang-in played with APK Prince/SeolHaeOne Prince for a year and a half. During his time with APK Prince in the LCK, Mia didn’t find a lot of success as he mostly hovered around the bottom half of the standings, and he placed 10th in LCK 2020 summer split.

Mia embarked on his professional League of Legends career back in 2017 in the Japanese region, He played in the challenger circuit of the LJL with the team now extinct SCARZ. Even if Mia hasn’t placed 1st in his entire journey, it’s safe to say that Mia can be a really great addition to TSM as he performed above the expectations for the past year in the Latin American League. This means that Shenyi would be kicked off TSM’s main roster and there is still no information about where the Chinese support player is going.

LIDER to transition from Vitality to Spanish team KOI

According to sources, KOI managed to get an agreement with Team Vitality to buy out Norwegian mid laner Adam “LIDER” Ilyasov. This means that current KOI mid-laner Hatrixx would be cutting ties with the team. It was obvious that KOI was going to go for some roster changes as their LVP 2022 Spring Split run was quite disappointing. Ibai Llanos’ team managed to get into the playoffs but got knocked out of the tournament by BISONS Eclub in the quarterfinals.

KOI’s roster for the upcoming LVP Summer Split is set to be Whiteknight, Koldo, LIDER, Rafitta, Seaz, and Arvindir would be their head coach. LIDER’s addition to the team looks promising because he was often considered one of the strongest mid laners from Europe’s new generation of players. The last time we saw him play in the LEC he got knocked out by Fnatic in the very first round of the playoffs, but we have to remember that Fnatic went on to reach the finals so the question of how far Team Vitality could’ve gone will remain unanswered.

Zanzarah is leaving Astralis

The 25-year-old Russian top laner Nikolay “Zanzarah” Akatov would be leaving the team as of April 28. The player mentioned on Twitter that he is looking for any opportunities as he still wishes to keep competing. Even if Astralis didn’t achieve good results during their run in the 2022 LEC Spring Split, Zanzarah was highly regarded amongst the top laners in the league. There is no doubt that Zanzarah will be able to find a team before the next split begins, but we have to admit that it would be a bit disappointing to see if he doesn’t find a spot in the LEC and ends up playing in any of Europe’s 2nd division leagues.