FaZe Clan announces new Valorant roster

FaZe Clan introduced their new Valorant roster on April 27. The lineup consists of Jake “Poach” Brumleve, Quan “Dicey” Tran, Andrej “Babybaby” Francisty, Phat “Supamen” Le, and Kevin “Poised” Ngo. The team is still led by Joshua “JDM” Mazano in the head coach position as they head into the 2022 VCT Stage 2 North American Challengers which begins on April 29.

Recently we’ve seen a lot of roster changes in the North American Valorant scene. Supamen and Poised came from the NA esports organization Rise. During their run with Rise, Supamen and Poise didn’t find a big amount of success but they were still considered strong players. Their last tournament played with Rise was the NA Challengers 1 in March where they got knocked out of the tournament in the group stage. Last year they were extremely close to qualifying for the Valorant Champions 2021 but they got 3-0’d by Cloud9 Blue in the grand finals.

Another new face in the FaZe Clan lineup is Poach, the North American 23-year-old ex-professional Fortnite player. Jake previously played with the Built By Gamers team for almost a whole year. BBG is a well-known team within the North American Valorant scene as they’ve played in multiple VCT NA Challengers. Even if they didn’t achieve a lot in the professional Valorant circuit, Jaker and BBG managed to win a couple of amateur tournaments such as the NSG Championships.

We actually already saw this whole team play together at the Knights Gauntlet Circuit Monthly 2022: April where they placed 3rd. With ease, they took down ZMB and Soniqs, both amateur teams. In the semifinals, they met a stronger team in TSM, and FaZe Clan got 2-0’d by them. Before this tournament, FaZe Clan took part in the Proving Grounds – Spring 2022 tournament organized by BoomTV and Riot games. While Supamen and Poised didn’t participate in this event, FaZe Clan still managed to take the victory home after sweeping Gen.G in the finals and securing the $8,000 dollars bag.

FaZe Clan’s record in the Valorant Champions Tour is filled with mixed results. Even if the organization has taken part in a few North America Challengers, they have managed to win once. This was back in the Stage 1 NA Challengers 1 when they 3-0’d 100 Thieves in the grand finals, but this would be the last time we saw them succeed. The team tried its luck in the 2021 North American Last Chance Qualifier where they met Rise, former Supamen and Posied team, and they lost 2-1. FaZe Clan got dropped to the losers’ bracket and they got swept by Version1 in the first round, getting knocked out of the tournament.The Faze organization isn’t the only team making roster changes during the short VCT off-season. Faze Clan is one of the oldest in the esports industry and we all remember them from the early days in the Call Of Duty competitive scene. Even if they haven’t had the best results in Valorant yet, it’s safe to say that as an organization they’ve cemented a legacy and it’s going to be very exciting to see how far they can go with this roster. They will make their official debut on April 29 in the VCT Stage 2 NA Challengers Open qualifier, which we’ll be covering so be sure to come back to check FaZe Clan’s journey through the tournament.