Day 2 of DPC EEU 2022 Tour 2 Playoffs

Yesterday we covered what happened on Day 1 of the DPC EEU 2022 Tour 2 Playoffs where we had some exciting upsets happen from BetBoom Team against Team Spirit and we saw a solid performance from Natus Vincere versus Hellraisers. Today was another exciting day for Dota 2 as we now have our first winners’ bracket finalist and are only 1 series away from qualifying for the upcoming ESL ONE Stockholm Major. Unlike yesterday, we only had 2 series today, but let’s get into the details of what happened!

BetBoom Team 2-1 Natus Vincere

BBT vs NaVi became one of the most anticipated matchups of the tournament after 8th seed BBT managed to upset 1st seed Team Spirit yesterday. Even if BetBoom Team demonstrated their capability of taking down the strongest teams of the tournament, it was still safe to say that Natus Vincere would be able to take them down, but oh boy were we wrong about this.

This series started with Natus Vincere having the first pick and going for a strong scaling composition consisting of DK, Medusa, and Leshrac. It was clear that they would feel comfortable extending the game well past the 40-minute mark, and that’s exactly what happened. The game started at a slow pace where both teams were trading kills early in the game, but by minute 26 Na’Vi only had a 2k gold lead. It wasn’t until around the 40-minute mark that Natus Vincere had an 18k gold lead and they were able to close out the game a few minutes later.

Natus Vincere was feeling confident that would be able to take down the Russian team, but BetBoom had other plans in mind. BBT drafted a strong early game composition in game 2 and they simply rolled over Na’Vi as they amassed an 8k gold lead 26 minutes into the game and the game was over by the 32-minute mark. In game 3 Natus Vincere would face the same fate as they did in game 2, and even if they had a bit more room to breathe, BBT dominated the map and finished the game around the 45-minute mark.

PuckChamp 1-2 Mind Games

This series was complete chaos as it was completely impossible to guess which team was going to win. PuckChamp fiercely attacked right off the gates and quickly finished the game after 27 minutes. Young G’s DK was the highlight of the match as he finished with a 16 KDA. Mind Games struck back in game 2 as they were able to secure an early gold lead and transitioned comfortably into the mid-game. 30 minutes into the game Mind Games had an 8k gold lead and had already destroyed 2 sets of rax. The game was unwinnable for PuckChamp at this point and Mind Games managed to close it out with ease.

Considering how the first 2 games panned out, it was very hard to tell which team was the favorite to take the series home. But this third game took everyone by surprise as we had 86 minutes of back-and-forth and destruction. Some of the players had over 50k gold net worth and scored over 20 kills. Too much happened during this game to compress it all, so we’ll have to jump into the 45-minute mark where both teams were pretty even. Things started to go south for PuckChamp as Dinozavrik started to get out of control and scored a few kills as Bloodseeker. The game was still pure chaos but 70 minutes into the game Mind Games managed to amass a gold lead of over 45k. At this point, PuckChamp couldn’t come back into the game and Mind Games closed the game 15 minutes later.

Even if we didn’t get the highest level of Dota 2 in this series, it was definitely the most exciting game we’ve had in the DPC EEU Playoffs so far. Tomorrow we’ll have three series happening, Outsiders vs Mind Games, Team Spirit vs HellRaisers, and CIS Rejects vs PuckChamp. Be sure to come back and check the results because we’ll be covering them as usual!