Legendary CS:GO player KennyS to venture into Valorant, jovahnii to Akrew, and more

KennyS to play for OG’s Valorant team

The highly regarded Counter-Strike player KennyS is trying his luck with Danish Valorant team OG. This would be the biggest Valorant roster move of 2022 so far and while this can be huge for KennyS, a lot of fans might be disappointed to know there is a chance we won’t see him in CSGO ever again. The French player is still signed to the G2 Esports organization but he hasn’t played a single game since December when he subbed in for next in the Intel Extreme Masters XVI – Winter tournament.

Back in October of last year, we saw KennyS play at the BLAST Spike Nations #2, which was a charity event held by BLAST that featured 12 teams from different nations. The French player actually had one of the highest average kills per map in the tournament (25) and he scored a 40-bomb with Jett.

If all goes well for KennyS, he would join the Danish organization for the next VCT Stage. The current line-up for OG consists of 4 french players: uNKOE, OniBy, fxy0, LaAw, and are led by French coach Julien “daemoN” Ducros. The OG Valorant team hasn’t had a spectacular run lately as they failed twice to qualify for the VCT Stage 3 Europe Challengers in 2021. KennyS addition to the team will surely bring a lot of fans to the team and they will remain as an all-french lineup.

Japanese player Barce joins DetonatioN Gaming White

Ryo “barce” Takebayashi was a member of the Japanese organization ZETA DIVISION. Back in 2021 he used to be a player for the team and was one of the best players in the Japanese circuit. ZETA DIVISION qualified for the 2021 Stage 3 Masters as Japan’s 1st seed but didn’t have a successful run. In late 2021 he decided to try his luck as a streamer where he remained within the organization for almost 5 months before starting a new adventure with the Japanese team DetonatioN Gaming.

Now barce will participate in the upcoming VCT 2022 Japanese Stage 2 circuit with DetonatioN Gaming White. Shoki “Pepper” Banjo also joined the squad recently so it’s clear that the Japanese team is looking to take the competition by storm. They will have to play through the qualifiers to have a chance at competing in the Stage 2 Japan Challengers.

Jovahnii joins North American team Akrew

The American player joined Akrew on April 26 after leaving the amateur team Cosmic Divide. Jovahnii played the April Knights Gauntlet with Akrew, and even if they didn’t have the best results after being knocked out by 100 Thieves in the round-of-16, it’s clear that Akrew feels comfortable playing with him.Jovahnii would be Kanpeki’s replacement after he went on to join Sentinels earlier this month. Akrew is set to play in the VALORANT Champions Tour Challengers Stage 2 qualifiers, which begin on April 28. Even if Akrew hasn’t shown the best results in the amateur circuit, they certainly look like a promising team and you’ll want to keep an eye on them during the qualifiers.