Fudge is going back to his roots as Cloud9 plans roster changes for the summer split

The Australian mid laner is looking to go back to his old role in the top lane after a disappointing run with Cloud9 in the 2022 LCS Spring Split. Cloud9 is going to drop Park “Summit” Woo-tae off the roster and use Fudge as their main top laner. It’s safe to say that Fudge is going to feel very comfortable in the top lane considering that it was his original role when he started his professional career back in 2018 with the Australian team Intuition.

After playing for a whole year with the Cloud9’s LCS roster as a top laner, Fudge decided to try his luck in the mid lane. This experiment was led by former C9 head coach Nick “LS” De Cesare, but it didn’t seem to work out in the end. We still don’t know the main reason for this role-swap but it’s clear that Nick De Cesare was the main condition, and now that LS is no longer part of the team, Fudge will go back to his roots.

But Fudge back to the top lane is not the only rumored change that C9 is making. The North American team was already having issues in the bot lane, but those issues weren’t related to the Korean ADC Berserker. Winsome and Isles shared the support role in the team and they played interchangeably during the split. It was very clear that if Cloud9 didn’t find big success in the spring split they would look to make a change in the support role.

A big possibility is that their academy team ADC Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen would role swap into the support position. Zven has had one of the most successful runs as a western ADC and switching to the support role would be a huge landmark in his career. This role swap does make a lot of sense, Cloud9 was having a lot of trouble with the newer players. Zven is one of the most experienced players you can get and the support position is often the one in charge of making calls and leading the team.

Now the big question of who is going to be the next C9 mid laner remains. There aren’t many options available in the North American scene so it’s expected that C9 looks at other regions for their next mid-lane player. Cloud9 clearly thinks their results this past spring split were way below their expectations. Now they’ll come into the summer split with a new face and look to take back what’s theirs, the LCS throne.Sadly for their fans, C9 won’t have a chance to show themselves on the international stage and Evil Geniuses will be the team to represent the LCS in the upcoming 2022 MSI. But it isn’t all that bad for the organization, after all, C9 has won 4 LCS titles throughout the years. C9 also holds several LCS records, including the highest winning percentage in a single split (92.9%) and the longest game winning streak in a single split (18). It’s going to be exciting to see them perform in the summer split where they’ll have a chance to get a spot for the 2022 World Championship.