Call of Duty Warzone : Rebirth Island

The most recent update of Call of Duty is now in full effect. There has been a rehash of Rebirth Island alongside the Warzone 2 Reloaded update which entails a complete overhaul of the map as well as additional features related to weapon points.

Initial reaction is pretty good, with social media feedback from gamers yielding an (albeit very early) positive response. It shows potential for the map to be a mainstay in terms of popularity amongst COD regulars. There are plenty of very popular new slot games also out in recent months, you can click here to find out more.

The Rebirth Island map has been included in Warzone for some time now, since season 1. At first it certainly wasn’t the most popular map, but as Caldera was released and there have been various updates, this iteration of the RI map has garnered more player attention and numbers and predictions are that it is set to surpass others as it offers something different to the wide open map format of Verdansk, for example.

Social media users on reddit have described the new version of the map as having “a completely different flow” with what was perceived as a ‘low ground advantage’ no longer having the prevalence that it once did and the higher ground areas of the water tower and prison roof have had additional routes of access added to level the playing field (and remove campers). These elements have led to a reduction in the predictability of the outcomes and mean that team games can have more of an ebb and flow nature to them before a definitive outcome is reached.

Also worth mentioning is the addition of Rebirth Solos, a game mode where solo squads ‘rush’ RI. This is an addition with the most recent update which further enhances the playability of the map. The thought process behind tying this new game mode into the rejig of the map is that it will increase the intensity of the gameplay on the map which has been maligned in the past.

There has, however, been some controversy surrounding the new map. Twitch streamers are outraged that they have been prevented from playing in the launch of the RI official tournament, which was dubbed an open tournament with a total prize pot of $100k but transpired to be more of Youtube exclusive, much to their dismay. The tournament itself is still set to go ahead, scheduled to run between 4th and 25th April, with players of all abilities brackets involved (casual to pro). Winning teams after the April 15th milestone, move forward to face teams from the Call of Duty League.

As the agreement in place for streamers doesn’t exclude past Youtube (to Twitch etc), a good deal of those who would have played and streamed on their respective channels don’t currently have the opportunity to do so. This has upset some and definitely seems a bit prohibitive for a tournament which claims to be ‘open’ to any player over the age of 18. Clearly not quite the case!