Valorant roster changes pre-stage 2

While VCT Stage 1 Masters is ongoing, some of the teams that either got knocked out of the tournament or didn’t participate in the event are already going through roster changes. Teams have a span of around 3 weeks to make all the Valorant roster changes they deem necessary to have the best results in the next VCT stage. 

Kanpeki registered with Sentinels for VCT Stage 2

The 24 year-old Valorant player is looking to play with one of the best North American teams in the circuit, Sentinels. Kanpeki’s last results with Akrew haven’t been the best so far. Akrew failed to qualify twice to the NA Challengers 1 main stage and now they’ll have to find a replacement for arguably their best player. After playing both qualifiers, Kanpeki and Akrew played a couple of amateur tournaments, including NSG Winter Championship, where they failed to reach the grand finals. It’s going to be exciting for the Sentinels to see what kind of results they can get with their newest addition in Stage 2.

Ethan is looking to join NRG

Former 100 Thieves Valorant player Ethan will be joining American organization NRG. This is one of the biggest roster changes we’ve seen so far this year considering that Ethan is amongst the most popular figures in the Valorant scene. We haven’t seen much from him this year besides a couple of amateur tournaments where he didn’t get any spectacular results. He failed to qualify for NA Challengers Stage 1 with 100 Thieves earlier in the year. But Ethan’s career goes all the way back to 2021 Stage 1 and now he’ll try to replicate the success he found earlier in his career, now with NRG.

Fnatic benches BraveAF and Magnum

During the 2022 Stage 1 Masters in Reykjavík, Fnatic had one of the most disappointing runs they’ve had in a while. They didn’t manage to get out of groups and got knocked out of the tournament after playing only 2 matches. “Trials for the open roster slots have already begun and we aim to have updates regarding the outcome of these in the coming weeks.“, stated Colin Jonhson regarding the Valorant team status, Johnson is Fnatic’s team director. We’ll have to keep an eye on what players Fnatic decide to pick up in the upcoming weeks.

Wardell to join Version1

The Canadian player is aiming to join NA’s Version1 for the upcoming NA Challengers Stage 2 open qualifiers after being left off TSM’s roster a month ago. Wardell has been somewhat inactive when it comes to tournament appearances this year and the last time we saw him in the VCT was at the NA Challengers 3 last year and he failed to qualify for the Masters with TSM. This addition can be huge for Version1 because Wardell is one of the most beloved players in the North American scene, so this can be a huge popularity boost for V1.

This off-season is going to be huge for the North American scene, where most of the roster changes are happening. VCT Stage 2 is going to see a lot of new faces in different teams and it will be an exciting time for all the Valorant fans out there.

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