Evil Geniuses and TSM FTX qualify for the Dota 2 Stockholm Major

On April 22, the top three teams in NA DPC Division 1 had to play a three-way tiebreaker to decide who would represent North America at ESL One Stockholm 2022. Quincy Crew, Evil Geniuses, and TSM tied up in the top 3 with a 6-1 score and would have to play 1 game against each other.

Quincy Crew vs Evil Geniuses was the first game of the tiebreaker, if we look back at how this matchup went for the first time during the season, EG basically stomped QC, and the same happened in this tiebreaker. The first game started without much action and this could’ve been a good sign for Quincy Crew considering they had a strong-late game carry. But QC started to make small mistakes that put Evil Geniuses on a small early gold lead. By 26 minutes, the kill score was 22 to 4 in favor of EG and the game was in a grim state for QC. By the end of the game Arteezy had an amazing performance on Medusa, he scored a KDA of 18 and carried his team all the way to victory. 

The second game was QC vs TSM and all the pressure was on QC because if they lost this game, they would be out of contention for 1st or 2nd place. The game started quite slow, and just like in their first game, Quincy Crew couldn’t find their footing in the early game and started to give a few free kills to TSM. By the 20-minute mark, TSM put the pedal to the metal, and Timado on Chaos Knight started to get so many kills and had a 3.5k gold lead over Yawar’s Razor, and by that point, it was impossible for QC to come back into the game.

The last game of the tiebreaker was a battle between EG and TSM to decide which team was the best in NA’s Division 1. The game started in favor of Evil Geniuses after Cr1t and Arteezy managed to get an early first blood against Moonmeander’s Shadow Shaman. Arteezy was playing Medusa once again and after seeing what he was capable of against QC, it was strange to see TSM let EG get a hold of this pick. And Evil Geniuses didn’t slow down, they started to take over the map with ease and they managed to close out the game by the 23-minute mark.

Now Evil Geniuses and TSM FTX will go on to represent North America in the ESL One Stockholm 2022, the event will be held at the Hovet Arena in Stockholm on May 12. There are already a few teams qualified: OG, Gaming Gladiators, Team Liquid, and Tundra Esports are Western Europe representatives. Some of Asia’s representatives are PSG.LGD, Boom Esports, and Fnatic. This event will be the first major Dota 2 event of the 2021/2022 season and it’s already panning out to be one of the most exciting events this year.