Matches to look out for in League of Legends European Masters

Over the last few days, we’ve seen all the European Regional Leagues play against each other in the 2022 European Masters main event and we’ve seen a lot of unexpected results so far. X7 Esports is rolling over the competition and they are currently looking like a top 3 team at the tournament. On the other hand, Team BDS Academy and GamerLegion, two of the teams that looked pretty strong before coming into this event, have dropped crucial matches and are now at risk of getting knocked out before the playoffs stage.

We’ll be going over a couple of important matches in the upcoming days that you should keep an eye out for because the outcome of these games will determine which teams advance into the knockout stage.

Day 6 (April 22) – X7 Esports vs Karmine Corp

X7 Esports almost had a perfect game against Karmine Corp on Day 2 of EUM, they had a 13-0 kill score and KC only managed to take down 1 turret and 1 drake in the entire game. The British team basically humiliated the French squad and this ringed a few bells, people are now questioning if the LFL is the best European Regional League or not, luckily for the French fans, the LDLC team is showing up and performing as expected, meaning that the LFL still has a chance to win the title.

“Bad read on the draft, I take responsibility for the loss, no matter what could have been done better in-game their comp was better”, stated Striker, Karmine Corp’s head coach, after their loss against X7. It’s very clear that Karmine Corp had a lot of issues during their draft against X7 and right after their defeat they made sure that it won’t happen again. I believe that the next time they meet X7, it’s going to be very different because KC performed as expected when they played against Team Phantasma and they obliterated GamerLegion, a team that wasn’t considered weak at all before the tournament started.

Day 7 (April 23) – Team BDS Academy vs Fnatic TQ

The first time these two teams met was during day 4 of the tournament and Fnatic TQ managed to come out on top after 30 minutes. We saw a huge performance gap between the top laners and junglers in this game, that was the main reason why Fnatic TQ was able to dominate Team BDS Academy. It’s going to be very important for BDSA to find a solution next time they meet against Fnatic TQ because we saw them draft Malphite against Jayce which is considered a weak side matchup and it didn’t work out in their favor.

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At least we know that BDSA can play around their ADC, Crownshot, who has been performing well during their games including the one against Fnatic TQ where he played Miss Fortune and was noticeably the best player on the team. If Team BDS Academy manages to get an advantage in the draft and place Agresivoo in a matchup that doesn’t put him behind from the very start of the game then they might have a good chance at taking down Fnatic TQ.