MoonPay and FaZe Clan Announce Partnership

North American esports brand FaZe Clan has collaborated with MoonPay. The cooperation will allow for bitcoin payments and innovative NFT use.

Moonpay will be FaZe Clan’s official cryptocurrency media and content partner. The two organisations will also work together on NFT and digital products projects.

In multi-year cooperation, FaZe Clan and Moonpay will develop a crypto-economy where users can easily purchase and trade cryptocurrency. The arrangement would allow consumers to instantly access the crypto economy. It will allow people to easily purchase and trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

MoonPay becomes the official crypto and NFT partner of FaZe Clan, marking its most important collaboration to date. MoonPay will be the company’s official payment partner. MoonPay’s experience in crypto, NFTs, and security will assist FaZe Clan, and both companies will work on content and media activations.

‘FaZe Forever’ will be born from this profitable alliance. In addition to Curating & Collecting, the firm will also spotlight & elevate.

In 2022, the FaZe Clan relationship will feature original content on both platforms. MoonPay will create the material for the FaZe Clan fanbase.

The FaZe brand is a cultural and community-led digital product and NFT business that thrills our followers. Lee Trink, CEO of FaZe Clan.

MoonPay and FaZe Clan announced their alliance on December 4, 2018 at Art Basel-Miami. The event included digital art, fashion, and community NFTs. FaZe Clan believes NFTs can be utilised for much more. Access to events and content production might be restricted. It could handle press access for events with restricted coverage.

This is also FaZe Clan’s first collaboration with a cryptocurrency startup. It tracks established esports companies like Fnatic, Astralis, TSM, Team Liquid, etc. Moonpay’s first esports initiative. FaZe Clan wants to provide its community with new opportunities to participate with the metaverse.

“We both want to support the creative and gaming economies,” said MoonPay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright. MoonPay is also developing the world’s most sophisticated and intuitive NFT and cryptocurrency payment systems. The FaZe Clan alliance creates a crypto-gaming giant that will stun the globe.

Because esports fans like cryptocurrency, several crypto businesses are eager to connect with well-known brands. As esports and gaming gain popularity, Crypto firms seek methods to connect with the greatest esports brands. These collaborations and alliances will shape the future of esports events and betting.