Why FIFA is becoming a popular esports betting market

When it comes to esports betting, some games are more popular than others. There are games that appear to be universal favourites such as Counter-Strike and League of Legends, and then there are other, slightly more obscure titles that garner attention.

Esports betting as a whole is something that has seen a huge increase in popularity in recent times, but have you ever wondered why some games make it big while others seem to just slip away? FIFA is one of those games that is on the up right now and we’re going to take a look at what is making it so popular in the esports betting market.

The most popular game in the world

Of course, FIFA is all about football and given the popularity of the sport itself it makes sense that the esport attracts a great deal of attention. The popularity of football isn’t just rooted in one country. It is loved the world over and has millions of loyal fans. Whether you’re looking at the English Premier League, Serie A in Italy, or LaLiga in Spain, there is no escaping the fact that the fans are passionate and will do anything to follow their teams.

Football is loved as a spectator sport but it is one of the biggest betting markets too. It makes perfect sense that those who enjoy betting on the actual game will also get the same enjoyment by betting on the virtual version.

Tournaments aplenty

The world of esports is certainly a competitive one. There are numerous tournaments that players are involved in and awards that they aim for. For those who enjoy betting on esports, it then becomes about more than just betting on a single game. It allows a bet on a tournament as a whole or on who will land a certain award.

When it comes to FIFA, there is the chance to bet on the likes of the FIFA eWorld Cup as well as the eNational Cup. This makes it similar to betting in the real game and that is why players love it so much. There is also the thrill of watching the winners land the prize. It is not just about taking a title: those who are victorious in esports tournaments can find themselves being rewarded with some hefty cash prizes.

A younger persons game

There will always be generational differences when it comes to preferences over video games. What is sure is that the younger generation spends a great deal of time playing their games and that they have a love of FIFA. Each new release is eagerly anticipated and snapped up as soon as possible.

As this younger generation is maturing, they are seeing the impact of esports and realising that they can have fun by betting on the outcomes of matches. As more and more fans come of age, the popularity of betting on FIFA will continue to grow.

It is just a great game!

Sometimes we are keen to overcomplicate things and, being honest, that is the case here. Yes, we can search for reasons that make FIFA stand out as an esport and try and understand why people want to place bets on it, but the simple fact is that it is a great game.

FIFA has continued to develop. Each release comes with improved graphics and players are kept up to date meaning that there is a true reflection of the real-world sport. The gameplay offered by FIFA is outstanding too. Maybe that is enough and that is why FIFA is such a popular esport to bet on.