Esports event ‘Evo 2021 Showcase’

Due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, the Evo 2021 Showcase, an event in person for the fighting match in Las Vegas has been officially cancelled.

The invitation-only event was to begin at the UFC Apex in Nevada in November. Evo’s organisers noted on Wednesday that the main reason for cancelling the exhibition case was the pandemic of COVID-19. In a release, the organisers indicated that it was difficult to organise an event at this scale because the Delta variant was spread.

The statement reads: “We decided to cancel the Evo 2021 Showcase because of the continuing complications of COVID-19 and the spread of the Delta Variant.

“Many of the best fighters in the world are invited to participate in the Evo 2021 showcase. The event is unbelievably sad to cancel. In order to recognise their efforts, the Evo team will contact each player. We continue to dedicate ourselves to Evo’s FGC mission and we will continue our efforts to return the large, live events you expect from us.”

The event is expected to bring together the top 40 combat game players around the world with a prize pool of around $125,000 (~ £92,993). The five chosen titles are Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Guilty Gear and Skullgirls.