VALORANT’s new agent announced with new details

Today, VALORANT developers released their monthly ‘State of Agent’ update and released new Agent information. Riot developers referenced Agent 18, along with changes to KAY/O, Yoru and more.

Since the first images of its new map, Fracture, the agent, called Deadeye, has been at work and teased. The developers confirmed that this new addition is a Sentinel in the State of the Agents’ address. It said in its release “We have taken a step back to reflect on various ways to supply the roster with an additional Sentinel.”

Agent 18 will be a Sentinel that supposedly focuses on ‘mechanical outplays’ and precise gunplay. We know no details of Agent 18’s kit or skills, but these statements and his art of concept might give an indication of his philosophy of design. We see him with a big rifle in the only picture available of Deadeye. This might refer to elements of ‘gunplay’ emphasised by developers in their address.

Alongside these vague details, we also got ominous with the State of the Agents update. A photograph of coffee, a hot steaming card and the information on Agent 18 is below. Many used this teaser picture to deduce the potential nationality of the agent. Many say Deadeye is the first French or Italian agent in the game. Although there is a lot of uncertainty about Agent 18 at the moment, these details are only preludes.