Lionscreed and Wanyoo Esports announce new partnership

Lionscreed has announced a partnership with China’s esports studio and Wanyoo Esports’ gaming chain.

As part of the agreement, members of the Lionscreed team will have the opportunity to train in all Wanyoo facilities. In addition, Lionscreed has the opportunity to co-produce the Wanyoo-sponsored events, tournaments and activities.

Wanyoo opened its 4th studio in the UK in Westfield Stratford shopping centre in East London earlier this year.

“This isn’t based solely on our game winner strategies or the team’s performance. But it really is our ongoing mission to build an interactive social networking community with which all players can interact,” said Abdiqani ‘AB’ Ahmed, the Lionscreed Founder and CEO. Lionscreed. Our family’s what we call our pride.”

Lionscreed came into being in 2019, with the title of CSGO, League of Legends, Rocket and Rainbow 6 Siege jumping since then.

“We welcome every type of player here,” added Zhaorong Chen, CEO of Wanyoo Esports. We always listen to, learn and engage with our teams and players from the people who are just beginning to veterans to ensure a high-quality experience and that all our talents can grow.

“Lionscreed believes in helping its players pursue their dreams and grow to professional standards, which is why it is a partnership that recognises both our missions.”

Since 2019, Lionscreed has continued to cooperate with the UK-based UK speedrunning marathon organiser, UKSM.