Esports org Astralis acquires Tricked Esports NLC position

Danish Esport Tricked Esport organisation has announced the sale to the fellow Nordic Astralis of its League of Legends NLC spot.

As a result, the academy team of Astralis will compete in the newly-reformed NLC in Division 1.

The news is being sold to the sports and entertainment company Kosmos by Astron Stormbringers, Spain’s academy team. It was revealed in the announcement that Astralis has already secured a position in the NLC.

Morten Jensen, President and CEO of Tricked Esport, commented through a translated release: “We love the skill development of Tricked, and at present League of Legends is lacking power further down the ecosystem, which is why we are pleased to offer Astralis a chance to build on our successful set-up, and we hope they will take up a significant role in the NLC sporting structure.”

The organisation will commit to a “Full Circle Talent Development Concept” according to the official statement of Tricked Espot, including creating a nationally competitive team. The NLC champions crowned Tricked Esport over the LEC Academy Team Fnatic Rising last season.

“This round of NLC is finished with a great first place,” added Natasha Voetmann, Tricked Esport League of Legends Manager. We’re the first team ever to not be won first place by the LEC Academy team. This gave us the chance to compete in some of Europe’s top teams at EU Masters, which finished in the top 12.”

Freaks 4U Gaming replaced the NLC operator DreamHack last month. The League, therefore, introduced the new ecosystem of the Multi-Shift League.