ESIC latest member will be ‘Promod Esports’

Agency for esports solutions is the newest member of the Esports Integrity Commission Promod Esports (ESIC).

The agency will therefore integrate the integrity codes and standards of the Commission throughout its operations.

In addition to its commitment to preserving commercial viability, Promod Esports as a member aims at maintaining competitive integrity throughout the tournaments.

Rob Black, CEO of Promod Esports, said: “Since the ESIC has been established, I have believed in its work and its importance to the sports industry to make it an environment in which it is safe and fair.

“We are delighted to be an ESIC Member and I am proud that during our turnouts we took this step in the fight against corruption. We are growing fast, and our involvement with our fans, players, customers and industry is shown as an ESIC member.’

Promod Esports joins a long list of ESIC members including the New Zealand Esports Federation, ExeedMe blockchain-based tournaments and Esports Esports wagers.

Ian Smith, ESIC Commissioner, added: “It is such a pleasure to welcome Promod Esports into membership. I have known the guys behind this for a long time and it has given me a lot of joy to watch them put their offering together and begin to thrive in the esports ecosystem in the UK and further and further afield; especially as they have always kept competitive integrity and participant welfare at the heart of everything they do.”

“I’m really looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial future with them as we work together to protect and enhance esports and, particularly, trust in the competitive integrity of all matches.”