Fnatic and ASOS announce partnership

London based Fnatic has announced a three-year contract for the official retail fashion partner of the organ, British Online Fashion and cosmetic retailer ASOS.

In addition to online activation and ASOS logo placement, the reported ‘multimillion-pound partnership’ will include a logo positioning at the front of the Fnatic jerseys. This includes the World Championship League of Legends, scheduled to be launched next week.

“There are no other subcultures in the world which have influenced us more than gaming and mode,” said Fnatic CEO, Sam Mathews. Online as well as offline self-expression has become an area where both audiences converge greatly.

“We will enable all players to come up with a unique voice and style, inside and outside the game through this partnership with ASOS. We could not be more excited to pursue this change with ASOS.”

This is the first partnership for ASOS in the sportive brand. This agreement promises to include multiple series of content featuring Fnatic athletes and creators in future ASOS and Fnatic content campaigns.

The two brands will also be working together on a “third alternative kit” as well as on “digital kits, branded in-game experiences and digital products” according to the press release. This includes ‘VR and AR filters’ experiences.

Robert Birge, Chief Growth Officer, ASOScommented: “Gaming and fashion are both passions for young adults and as esports continue to boom, we’re incredibly excited about this partnership. GenZ-ers increasingly express their style in both the physical and digital worlds and this is something we’re excited to fuel.

“We’re also looking forward to seeing some of the world’s greatest esports athletes wear our name on their Fnatic jerseys at Worlds in Iceland.”

As reported by the Guardian earlier this year, ASOS acquired the British Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge, and HIIT multinational brands for £330 million from a now-flaked Arcadia Group.

Fnatic signed a partnership with SPORTFIVE in April to help the company find a major global sponsor, after its deal with the mobile phone maker OnePlus had expired. In April, Fnatic signed a partnership with SPOR TFIVE.

The current partnerships in Fnatic include BMW, Crypto.com, Jack Links and AMD