Dev’s of VALORANT ‘Not happy’ with screen player designs

A VALORANT fan’s plea to return full banners was answered by a VALORANT dev.

Once VALORANT fans had their player cards displayed with cool banners during the loading screen. But Riot’s approach to introducing account level recently has been more conservative by limiting the player card to a small square. And, according to executive producer Anna “SuperCakes,” Donlon, the devs appear “not happy” with the way the changes have happened.

Donlon also stated that the devs “watch out for a fantastic way to get it back.” However, it is not clear when the feature will be updated without a precise schedule.

The last iteration gave the players a different insight into the core art. Since player cards are usually vertical, the picture can be cut off on the sides sometimes. For example, the VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Player card cuts down the arms of the agent. In landscape mode, the horizontal banner offers a better view of the illustration.

The current banners are usually transparent with the name and title of the player now placed in the middle of the background. The player card and the account level border have a small space on the far right. Since this simpler approach is less than before, Riot can reverse it or introduce a similar concept.