SoloYolo match winner CHOWH1 takes home $100k

There was a brand new SoloYolo match after the $300K World Series of Warzone EU Duas event was completed. Every single one of 150 players dropped in solo for the SoloYolo event, which had a $100,000 prize pool. As a result of this high-risk contest, the victor was able to walk away with everything. Here’s what happened.

However, despite the fact that the SoloYolo drop didn’t provide the best high-tier Warzone gameplay, it did provide some entertainment. Aside from the Gallo shotgun, most players were using an AR of their choice. ChowH1, on the other hand, chose the Riot Shield.

In the final three he was able to deflect shots from his opponents and force them to face off against each other because of this ability to deflect shots. It was then that ChowH1 flanked the final enemy from behind, grabbing the $100K bag.